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The Visionary that Shri. PK Chandran was, he saw the need for expansion of the business in terms of both space and volume, and established a partnership firm in 1995. His clairvoyance for the need for these Indian delicacies around the world gave a global presence for Appalams, Papads, Poppadums, and has gotten households across all timezones enjoy the crunch!



Our House

Pappadum, Appalam and Pappad

Products from India have always been known for the handmade-touch of authenticity and these crispy snacks are not an exception! These crispies are hand-made with a touch of love, and are dried in the natural and caring warmth of the sun. The Papad from North India, the Pappadum from Kerala and our own Appalam from Madras have a legacy of their own!

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Juliennes of juicy vegetables, salted, soaked in a spiced vinegar-marinade and then mixed with oil probably forms one of the greatest universal accompaniments that can go with any meal or snack! Welcome to the world of pickles!! Giving a melange of tastes – sour, tangy, and spicy – these pickles go a long way into your food and culinary memories!

Rice Sevai

If noodles aspired to be size-zero models, they would be rice-sevais. Thin and delicious, these rice-sevais or string hoppers make up amazing breakfast and even snacks! Pair it with the sauces or the pickles, and it elevates the taste to a different level!


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