The 1985 story!

The History of Arul Appalams is a tale of tryst with culinary excellence that spans over six decades. What started as a small appalam and poppadum cottage in the Silk Capital of South India underwent its ambitious and adventurous adolescence at the bustling suburbs of Triplicane as a full-fledged retail depot in 1985!

Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

The Visionary that Shri. PK Chandran was, he saw the need for expansion of the business in terms of both space and volume, and established a partnership firm in 1995. His clairvoyance for the need for these Indian delicacies around the world made Arul Appalam an international beacon-brand for Appalams, Papads, Poppadums!

Mr. P.C. Sunish & Mr. P.C. Subish of second generation has taken business forward to next level and today, Arul Appalam stands strong exporting 24 million units of Appalams every month marking its presence felt in the kitchens across the globe – a crispy elixir for the connoisseurs of great taste, health and quality… and we are relentless on our constant endeavor to grow bigger and better, and to delight our customers… bite after bite!

Over all the years of evolution, Arul Appalam has metamorphosed in technology, business volumes and variety, but the factors like our commitment to quality in using all-natural ingredients has remained a constant over the aeons, and will continue to be!!

Why Us?

The name “Arul” carries with it, a supreme legacy in the art of making authentic Indian Snacks… the annals of which span over six decades. The term ‘Authentic’ is taken seriously, to the extent that all our popadums are made of 100% Natural ingredients. Our product is enhanced with our commitment to quality, and is kept fresh by our unfailing endeavour to delight our customers – beyond these, we do not need any artificial flavours, colors or preservatives.

The resounding testimony to our claims is the list of coveted certifications that speak volumes the feeling of trust we evoke.We have created with millions of our customers around the world who have built… are building… and will build over the years!

Quality Assurance

We are proud and happy to proclaim that we are BRC and FSMA-Certified! These certifications speak loud about the commitment that we have towards providing nothing short of the best to our valued customers! Since we believe in a more ‘human’ assurance of quality than certificates, each poppadum whose crunch you enjoy has been visually inspected for its supremacy before it reaches your kitchen!