Taking the glory of Pappadums
across the oceans

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Sometimes, the ‘Crunch’ entire World measures 6 inches or less!

Pappdums, thanks to all the awesomeness they pack, have become a household name in Europe,America,Australia,Singapore,Malaysia and U.S.A.They share a delicious and crunchy synonymy with the very term ‘snack’! The Madras Pappadum has catapulted to the such insane levels of craze!

We invite you to be a part of that craze!! Arul Appalam invites pappadum importers to import our pappadums, papads and other Indian Snacks to your home-land – we will feel glad and elated to make our delicacy a part of yours!

Packing a delightful crunch and a load of richness in natural proteins, the 6 inch pappadum can be rightly called the ‘King of Pappadums’.

What makes us special:


Our products are 100% Natural and you can be assured of
utmost compliance to the norms of quality.

We offer flexibility in sizes right from  6 inches
to fit your convenience and your plate of meal.

60 Years of Experience in Pappadam Manufacturing.

More than 100 varieties of Pappadams.

Customized Products.

Private Labeling.

The numbers that matter:


Minimum Order Quantity:
(Please get the list from Arul Appalam officials)

Right at the end of the last millennium in 1995, Pappadums started to cruise across the oceans and started going global – thanks to the export-initiatives of Arul. From that humble-yet-pioneering epoch, Arul today stands tall with a capacity to export a million pappadums in a day!

The Authentic Awesomeness of Arul Appalam is so irreplaceable and irresistible, that it would be unjust to confine the experience to just one country! Arul Appalam exports to every possible space on the Globe – USA, Canada, UK, France, Malaysia, Middle East & Australia to name a few.

It’s a thing of pride and pleasure to proclaim that we are the pioneers of Appalam export… and we’re the leaders now!

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